Frequently Asked Questions for the Moses Brown Day Camp 2021

* Q What facilities are at Moses Brown?

Moses Brown possesses an 11 court facility with a doubles court, changing facilities.

* Q Is the squash facility air-conditioned?


* Q How many hours per day will I be on the court?

Between lectures and on and off-court fitness and matchplay, campers will have around 6 hours each day — with a two-hour lunch break.

* Q What kind of supervision does the camp offer during the day?

 Campers are supervised by the camp's coaches during the day. If at lunchtime you would like to allow your campers to walk around the Brown campus please give us written permission to allow them to do so. We will be monitoring each camper during the 9am-5pm timeframe each day.

* Q Where do the campers eat?

leGassick Squash Camps have to provide their own lunches. There will be an area for lunch set aside in the squash club. There are also restaurants/shops close by too. We will provide snacks for the campers throughout the day.

* Q  What should the campers bring with them to camp?

Campers are responsible for bringing their own protective eyewear and at present we are anticipating having all campers be aware of covid 19 issues so masks and eyewear are mandatory.

*Q  Do I have to provide evidence at the start of the camp that I have had a negative Covid 19 test?


*Q  What are the check in and check out times?

Monday morning Check in at 8:30am at the start of each session. Pick up is at the end of the camp: Thursday June 17 at 1pm, August 12 at 1pm  and August 19th at 1pm. 

* Q How do we get to Moses Brown Squash Club?

The courts are located at 257 Hope Street, Providence RI 02906.