Frequently Asked Questions for the Brown University Camp

* Q What facilities are at Brown?

Brown has first rate athletic facilities, including 5 International glass back squash courts, the brand new Nelson Fitness Center which also has a 56 meter state of the art swimming pool, indoor and outdoor running tracks, basketball courts, an Astroturf Football field and weight training facilities.

* Q Is the squash facility air-conditioned?


* Q How many hours per day will I be on the court?

We will have a coach/camper ratio of about 1:3. All coaches are outstanding in their fields and there will be opportunities for one on one coaching.  Our program focuses on quality of practice over quantity, so on court time is kept to 4/5 hours per day maximum. 

* Q What kind of supervision does the camp offer during the day and night?

 Campers are supervised by the camp's counselors constantly during waking hours- squash during the day and the evening activities.   Brown University also has Residential Assistants who are in charge of campers when they are at their residences.  There are qualified athletic  trainers present at all the squash activities.

* Q Where do the campers eat and sleep?

leGassick Squash Camps use one of Brown University's dorms on the Brown Campus. Most campers will be housed in a double room.  The campers will have Brown University Residential Advisors supervising the campers in their dorms.   All meals throughout the camp will be served in one of Brown University's dining halls and will be prepared by Brown University Food Services.

* Q  What should the campers bring with them to camp?

Campers are responsible for bringing their own bed linens and pillow, plenty of squash clothes, a bathing suit, towels, outdoor shoes, comfortable clothes for evening activities and some spending money. If you anticipate warm weather a small fan for the dormitory would  be advisable.

*Q  Can I attend more than one session?
Yes! We will tailor your squash experience each week to ensure new ground is covered or emphasizing what you have already covered! 

*Q  What are the check in and check out times?
June 10th camp sign in on campus at 2-4pm. Each other session sign in on campus between 3-5pm. There is afternoon/early evening squash play  on the first evening.  The camp finishes at 1pm for each session. Brown University will send details about the camp closer to the start of the camp and details of where to sign in on campus etc. will then be available.

* Q How do we get to Brown University?

Peter Pan Bus Company runs buses from around the North East to Providence. TF Green airport is 15 minutes from Providence. For those flying cross country a flight into Boston means that campers will catch a Peter Pan Bus from Logan Airport to Providence (65 mins). Amtrak has a station in Providence. Should you require help getting to Brown University you should contact Brown University - through the application process.